Autograss race meeting 28-29th july 17

Rose in CS88 class 1 / junior autograss mini

This very wet and slidy meeting at the central scotland autograss track in Avonbridge one of our three racers out preformed herself this week getting not only her first 1st but she won nearly every race after.

This meeting we had brought 2 cars.. we had the class 1 / junior mini driven by james (class 1 ) and rose (jnr) (pictured above) we also had our class 4 mini (pictured below) driven by james snr for the first time by us

class 4 autograss mini

Unfortunatly the class 4 as its a new car to us there have been some teething problems.

the clutch broke after two races ending the weekend and race meeting prematurly for james snr

As for the rest of the wet and messy meeting james and rose both qualified for the jock ranking cup races for there respectve classes.

Rose was fantastic in her final ( junior jock ranking cup) leaving her competitors in her dust she was flying round the track with her new found confidence and strategy but unfortualy a boulder on the track took the race from her. as rose was on the final lap she hit said boulder and it caused the alloy to break and lost all pressure in the tyre.. But all was not lost as she didnt give up and still managed with the odds against her to place third in the race even with her car damaged and not preforming due to the blow out

james was in the adults race with class 1 to 10 all staggerd for there jock ranking cup race (this was the champ of champs race) with the track drying out and odds stacking against the mini due to a dryer track they started the race. james was struggling to hold his position as the minis are far superior in the wet.

In a stroke of luck for james the race had to be restarted due to an incident in the race prevoius (a car lost its exaust) but as the competitors were letting there cars cool before going restarting the race the heavens opened and they track was now in a fantastic way for james to preform like the mini should in the muddy mess.

unfortunatly james didnt place (4th) but none the less was proud of getting 4th as the class 1 cars are the lowest power cars on the track for the final race of the meeting

so before the next meeting we have a class 4 to fix and get some steel wheels for the class 1 mini

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