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Regular maintance is vital for the smooth running and safety of your vehicle, often overlooked as a waste of money but if carried out can actually save you money.  By catching faults early before they develop into major faults sometimes costing a small fortune to repair




Brakes one of the most important compolents on any vehicle.  As part of routine maintainance  they sould be cheked, cleaned and adjusted if nessesary 


There are several types of servicing options from the minor engine bay(the usual free servicing offerd with car purchese) to full service.
Enginge bay service:
Change engine oil & oil filter visual inspection of air filter and polen filter and replace if nessesary
Intermediate service:
a in depth visual inspection of major components (brakes, steering, suspension and lights ) Change engine oil, oil, Air filters (wheels remain on vehicle)
Full Service:
an  even more in depth service where we would change the engine oil, oil, Air and fuel filters (plus pollen if fitted).
A close inspection of all major components including steering, suspension and Brakes. This service involves removing all four road wheels and to inspect the above components.