These are other services we offer at JTS autocare

4 Wheel computerized alignment


We can now offer a 4 wheel alignment service 

We can set up your vehicle's camber, castor and toe adjustments on the front or back of your vehicle to whatever you want whether you want it to the manufactures spec or your own with our new computerized 4 wheel tracking computer 

We can also set up aftermarket adjustable coilovers for a better handling 

Turbo services

We have a turbo reconditioning service where we remove your old worn turbo and send it away to get checked and re-manufactured with new internals, your now new turbo gets tested before it gets sent back to us for refitting

We also offer a hybrid turbo service where we send your turbo away to get overhauled 


This can include the following:

- Uprated bearings

- bigger compressor 

- better exhaust turbine 

- turbo porting