Pre MOT's - General Advice 

These are normally carried out at establishments that are not authrosed for M.O.T testing, often staffed by individuals not trained or have any experiance in this vital area.

There is no Governance over pre MOT's and many vehicles shall fail the actual examination and there is little or no come back against the business who is practicing this non benifical service 


This unfotunate scenario is sadly quite common, as there is a number of repairers that carry out pre MOT's "recommend work" that isn't required and sadly the vehicle often fails the MOT.


The moral of the story is "Don't bother with pre MOT's", as they are a waste of time and money, have the vehicle examined correctly and if it passes fantasic, if not then you know what work is required to bring it up to standard.

we don't want you wasting you money on repairs what potentially didn't need done, call us today for your full mot today on 01674 678094